CBSE makes changes to Class 10, 12 board exams for 2024

Based on these new guidelines for CBSE Board Exams, students will get more multiple choice question, MCQ’s for the board exams next year, 2024



Central Board of Secondary Education, CBSE has revised the board exam pattern for Class 10 and Class 12. Based on these new guidelines for CBSE Board Exams, students will get more multiple-choice question, MCQ’s for the board exams next year, 2024.

Based on an official notice released on April 6, 2023, the new changes have been brought in keeping in mind the recommendations of the National Education Policy, NEP 2020.

The central board had already announced that it would be aligning itself to the vision put forth by NEP 2020 by including more competency-based questions in Class 10 and Class 12 board examinations.

Hence, due to this, CBSE will be giving more competency-based questions to candidates during their board exams. Students would get questions which would be based on real-life applications.


For Classes 9 and 10, CBSE will be increasing the weightage of the competency-based questions asked. For the academic session of 2022 to 2023, these questions would comprise of 30 percent of the paper. For the Board exams 2024, around 50 percent of the questions would be MCQ based. The competency baaed questions will be asked in the form of MCQs, Case study based or source-based questions

For Classes 11 and 12, for Board Exams 2024, the competency-based questions, in the form of MCQs, Source based or Case study based, would make up 40 percent of the paper.

Constructed response questions (Short Answer Questions/Long Answer type Questions, as per existing pattern) for Classes 9 and 10 would be 30 percent and 40 percent for Classes 11 and 12.



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