Empower Students and Recognise Skills with Classroom Badges

Classroom badges are essentially Digital badges that make learning fun and engaging. The badge is given to the student once they successfully complete a task or exhibit remarkable skill.



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Presenting Classroom Badges

We believe in a child’s capacity to perform so much better than what the grades represent. And so, we’re on a mission to empower students and ensure they are acknowledged for all their efforts.

Classroom badges are essentially Digital badges that make learning fun and engaging. The badge is given to the student once they successfully complete a task or exhibit remarkable skill.

Students can promote their achievements with digital badges on a website, online portfolio, or social media platforms. Digital badges provide teachers the opportunity to recognize skills that aren’t frequently highlighted on report cards or transcripts, such as leadership, teamwork, citizenship, creativity, and innovation.


  • Learning in Chunks. Research has shown that knowledge is more easily retained when it’s organized into smaller, easier-to-digest chunks
  • Personalized Learning. In our age of information technology, there is less time for personal instruction and more time for independent study.
  • Quick Assessment. Unlike mid-term and end-term exams, badges have a faster turn-around to help a student get recognized for their efforts.
  • Every student ends up getting recognized for their unique skill set and aptitude.
  • Felicitating every milestone and every achievement over the course of learning motivates students to do better in their weak areas.

Additionally, there is a lot of merit in using badges from a longer-term perspective. Teachers, Parents, and Students alike stand to benefit from the badges. Following are the broad-level advantages that the badges have to offer:

Assistance to Teachers and Parents

  • Teachers can keep track of improvements and findings concerning a child’s individual needs.
  • Can decide future courses of action and improve weak areas.
  • An assessment can motivate and inspire teachers and parents alike to take those achievements even further.
  • Assist in carving long-term career paths

Bolster Personalized Learning

  • Students can assess, and amplify their hard work in selective areas of learning
  • Students can showcase their accomplishments and identify their strengths
  • Encourage both students and teachers to constantly pursue higher goals
  • Carve unique learning paths based on aptitude and micro-credits in the form of badges

Repository of Achievements

  • Badges are for life. Participate in a wide range of learnings and assessments and keep digital proof of their performance.
  • Share achievement with the wider world
  • Present Achievement in many formats, for example on laptops or iPads
  • Portability and can be saved and printed from any device.


ValidateMe.Online makes it simpler than ever to create and distribute digital badges. Digital badges can help us engage students. Learn what digital badges are, when to use them, and how to implement them in your classroom.

  • Easy Creation, Bulk Issuance, and Management of Badges
  • Immutable, Tamperproof, Secure
  • Ease of sharing, Portable, Lifetime Repository
  • Personalization, Build Profiles with Edulocker
  • Easy Integration, API & Widgets, White labeling (soon), App (soon)

ValidateMe.Online is the most trusted and seamless end-to-end solution to create, issue, and manage digital credentials in just a few clicks.

ValidateMe’s blockchain-based digital certificates and badges make it possible for institutions to recognise students’ accomplishments, for individuals to demonstrate their skills, and for hiring managers to identify the most suitable candidates.



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