EuroKids unveils EUROTOTS, a toddler transition program to aid learning and development



Mumbai, September 12, 2023,

EuroKids, a leading institution in early childhood education, has unveiled its Toddler Transition Program (TTP), also referred to as EUROTOTS. This educational and developmental initiative is meticulously structured to ensure a smooth shift for toddlers from their home environment to the nurturing atmosphere of EuroKids, promoting holistic growth and development.

Understanding the paramount importance of providing toddlers with a secure and consistent routine, particularly during the transition from home to a new educational setting, the Toddler Transition Program strives to seamlessly integrate the familiar comforts of home with the exciting realm of early education, all while fostering a passion for learning in young minds.

Based on the principle of enabling children to explore their boundless potential and acquire essential life skills, the curriculum experts at EuroKids have meticulously designed EUROTOTS for toddlers aged 18 to 24 months. This program spans six months, extending until March of the following year across all EuroKids centers. It operates five days a week, comprising 100 sessions aimed at enhancing their interpersonal, social, linguistic, and intrapersonal skills.


As part of the program, every child will receive individualized care and attention from an experienced and trained all-female staff, maintaining a teacher-to-child ratio of 1:6, with a dedicated support staff-to-child ratio of 1:6.

KVS Seshasai, CEO of Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning (EuroKids), announced the nationwide launch of this program, stating, “Early childhood education and care play a pivotal role in shaping a child’s foundation, with 90% of brain development occurring before age 6. At EuroKids, we’re dedicated to nurturing young potential through innovation. This program marks a significant milestone, bridging the journey from home to the world of early education.”


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