How can Schools benefit from Digital Certificates and Badges?

Digital Certificates and Badges have the capacity to make a huge difference in a student’s performance and career choices.



Teacher Recognition

Teachers undeniably play a critical role in the life of every student, which is why teachers need to be acknowledged. Recognizing teachers with digital certificates and badges shows that teachers are valued. Every teacher has a unique way of interacting with students and teaching methodology. Teachers need to be admired when they give extra assignments to students, remain open to questions from the students, use creative teaching techniques and motivate their students in more promising ways. Appreciating teachers who take extraordinary measures encourages others to improvise and perform better. 

Moreover, sharing the badges and certificates earned by teachers on the school’s social media channels, can act as a powerful force for many students and parents seeking information about the teachers. In the end, intrinsic/extrinsic rewards to individuals, whether students or teachers, are essential to motivate them to do better.

School Branding

Certificates are a fantastic way to advertise your school to parents, teachers, and students. A beautiful certificate with your brand on it has significant marketing power.  Brand recognition is crucial since most parents prefer to choose schools for their kids that they are already acquainted with. When paired with good feedback, brand awareness boosts the likelihood that the parents will recommend your school to others. Schools that don’t prioritize increasing brand recognition may find it difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Using digital credentials is a terrific method to increase brand recognition. Digital credentials should be developed in accordance with the brand style requirements, including colors, graphics, typography, and layout, to boost brand recognition through consistent branding. Digital credentials are meant to be shared, so encouraging your recipients, viz. For teachers and students, publishing their awards online is a great way to build brand recognition as well as authority.

ValidateMe.Online provides numerous features to help you build your school’s brand. Let’s look at two of them to help you understand better.  

  • Social Media Sharing

Digital certificates are a perfect marketing tool to help you broaden your audience and improve traffic on social networks by their shareability. When a recipient shares a certificate, it constitutes a form of legitimate marketing. Utilizing the beneficiaries’ networks whether it’s a parent, teacher, or student, schools can increase the exposure of the brand, their credibility, and their programmes through sharing and endorsements. Recipients who divulge their credentials to their networks naturally become brand champions and influencers. This is a powerful method for boosting brand recognition since the links in the recipient’s social network frequently have connections to the organization’s target market. 

  • Certificate Analytics

ValidateMe.Online offers analytics to monitor all KPIs, including social media shares, PDF downloads, and certificate views. A marketing dashboard provides you with information on referrals, and brand recognition that your certifications and badges are producing for your online courses.

 ValidateMe.Online can provide you with information such as the number of times your digital certificates have been viewed and the number of click-throughs that have been made to your website. Integrating these analytics with other marketing analytics tools like Google Analytics can also help you estimate the value that the referrals are generating through each social media channel.

Streamline Administrative Efforts

With ValidateMe.Online, issuing Digital Credentials like mark sheets, report cards, student transfer documents, etc can be accomplished in bulk and with just a few clicks.

  • Verification 

Immense administrative effort goes into creating, managing, and distributing these documents, and a bigger effort goes into re-issuing them in case they are lost or in verifying them. ValidateMe.Online enables issuing these in a single click,  and the verification load is reduced to zero, especially when transferring a student and future admissions. The third party can simply visit the school’s website and self-validate the documents using the verification widget.

  • Template Library

Schools may generate certificates for the students using the built-in certificate builder. ValidateMe.Online offers a diverse range of free, ready-made templates for certificates and badges. The creation of digital certificates is made convenient by the certificate-create-and-sign API, which can automatically generate and deliver secure certificates to your event attendees directly. No need to spend time on hiring a designer and designing and printing certificates. Anyone can pick and choose certificates from the vast template library and add elements like organization logo, and watermark, among others.

These are only a few merits of Digital Certificates and Badges.  Do you want to know what urgent problem digital certificates and badges are solving for students? Read More.


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