International Women’s Day 2024: Are We Not Special?



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The scene opens in a cozy study, where a mother Nishi, sits on a couch reading the newspaper. Her son, Neil approaches with a questioning look on his face.

Neil: Ma, what does it mean to be a woman?

Nishi: [Sits up with a start and puts the newspaper aside] Well, that’s quite a question for a 6-year-old, Neil, but let me try to explain it in a way that you will understand.

Neil: Okay ma! Please tell me.


Nishi: Imagine you are a superhero and have this special power.

Neil: Like Spiderman and flying making webs all around?

Nishi: Well, something like that. Being a woman is like having the superpower of feeling. It means to be able to connect with people with the heart, without even touching.

Neil: Hmm, like when you know exactly what I want to eat when I return from school even though I do not ask you for it?

Nishi: Exactly so, my son. Together with that superpower, there is another added one. Do you want to know what that is?


Neil: What’s that?

Nishi: It is the infinite power of love. No matter what you do, a mother’s love for her child is always there, strong and 100 bags full.

Neil: Even when I went and pinched my little sister’s cheeks thinking it would make her happy?

Nishi: Yes, even then. Though it was a little difficult then for I had to show you the difference between what makes you happy and what makes the little one sad. You did take some time to understand that, and that my son is also a super power that we have. Keeping a balance when there are so many little things to be looked after. 

Neil: [Grinning sheepishly] So, being my Ma is really like being a superhero twice over?


Nishi: [Laughs] You could say that. What do you see I do not wear a cape, like spiderman does. I wear my heart on my sleeves?

Neil: Where is your heart? Which sleeve? Please can you show me that?

Nishi: [Pulling her son close to her in a tight hug] Can you hear the heart beat? Remember it beats for you and your sister and your father and all those whom you love.

Neil: That’s cool Ma. I can hear it loud and clear. Is Dad a superhero too?

Nishi: Absolutely! When he comes come ask him to hold you tight in his arms and you can hear his heart beat on his sleeves. Remember his heart too beats for you and all of us.


Neil: You have taught me something very important today, Ma.

Nishi: [With a smile] What would that be, my son?

Neil: We learn from whatever we do, wherever we are and whoever we are with.

Nishi: Why did you ever doubt that?

Neil: I am seeing it through my Spiderman lenses now and let me tell you what happened today in school, superhero.


Nishi: I am all ears.

Neil: I wore my costume and went on a rollercoaster ride. First, we went up and down with numbers, then I helped Rishi to take a wild turn with spellings and finally we all looped around with learning about earthworms and caterpillars!

Nishi: Sounds like a fantastic ride, spiderman. Did you overthrow any enemies today?

Neil: Oh yes Ma! I climbed the ‘Mount Fraction’ and spun the largest web around the ‘Spelling Summit’.

Nishi: That was amazing. Did you discover any treasures along the way, son?


Neil: Oh, yes! As I was looping around the library, I discovered the hidden gems of knowledge there and collected quite a few in my big, red sack.

Nishi: What did you learn from this exploration, my superhero?

Neil: Learning is such an adventure, ma! Perhaps it is the greatest adventure of all. Now that we are all superheroes with our hearts on our sleeves, we can be fearless inquirers, brave thinkers and open-minded travellers.

Nishi: I have no doubt you will, my little Spiderman, be ready for every new challenge that life throws at you.

Neil: [hugging his mother] With my superhero ma with me, learning is going to be one great adventure.


Nishi: Light out time! Off to bed, son.

When Nishi goes to her room a little later, she finds a little envelope tucked under her pillow. She opens it and finds some lines penned in a familiar handwriting, her husband’s. She looks around and finds him fast asleep, and does not disturb him. So quietly under the moonlit night she sits by herself and as the tears come welling up, she reads these heartfelt lines.



In the rich tapestry of time, she weaves her grace,


A woman, in every hue, a divine presence.

Her worth, not measured in gild or gleam,

But in the strength of her being, God’s beautiful dream.


In her lap, the universe finds its peace,


A reservoir of love for families.

With each role she pens and embraces,

A new story, a new character emerges.


A child is nurtured with utmost care,


With hope and joy, beyond compare.

A mother, a wife, a sister, her roles unending,

She paints a new picture, a melody, unrelenting.


Her wisdom, a treasure trove, ageless and wise,


A harbour for stormy seas, a rainbow in the skies.

She is the creator of dreams, a beacon of light,

Warm food for all, and a bedtime song for the night.


A woman transcends the bounds of time and space,


For she is a marvel of creation, in God’s own image. 


This story and poem is Authored By: 

Sudeshna Sengupta
Director- Academics,
Vedanya International School, Gurugram 



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