Jharkhand Introduces Innovative Schemes to Support Higher Education Aspirants



In a significant development for students in Jharkhand, Chief Minister Champai Soren has launched two key initiatives aimed at bolstering access to higher education. During a ceremony at Ranchi’s Tana Bhagat Stadium, the Chief Minister unveiled the Guruji Student Credit Card and the Manki Munda Scholarship schemes, designed to alleviate financial barriers faced by students aspiring for higher education.

The Guruji Student Credit Card scheme is set to provide collateral-free education loans up to Rs 15 lakh at a nominal interest rate of 4 per cent. Notably, the repayment period commences one year after the completion of the course, with the state government serving as a guarantor. This initiative is expected to significantly ease the financial strain on students pursuing higher studies.

Parallelly, the Manki Munda Scholarship scheme focuses on empowering female students to venture into technical education fields. Beneficiaries pursuing diploma courses will receive Rs 15,000 annually, whereas those enrolled in engineering programs are entitled to Rs 30,000 per year. This initiative underscores the state’s commitment to gender inclusivity in technical education domains.

The launch event saw an enthusiastic response, with about 1,200 registrations for the Guruji Student Credit Card and 800 for the Manki Munda Scholarship scheme. In a symbolic gesture, Chief Minister Soren personally awarded credit cards and scholarships to two students from each scheme, reaffirming the government’s dedication to enhancing educational opportunities for Jharkhand’s youth.


Chief Minister Soren emphasised the transformative impact of higher education on the lives of labourers’ and farmers’ children, envisioning it as a cornerstone for Jharkhand’s development. He also highlighted the Mukhyamantri Shiksha Protsahan Yojna, which provides a Rs 2,500 monthly stipend to support students’ coaching expenses, further ensuring that financial constraints do not impede educational aspirations.

In his closing remarks, the Chief Minister underscored the indispensable role of education in achieving development at familial, societal, and state levels. He inaugurated a new 3D theatre at Ranchi’s regional science centre, signalling the government’s commitment to fostering an environment of education and innovation.

These initiatives represent a leap forward in Jharkhand’s education sector, promising to make higher education more accessible and equitable. With these schemes, the state sets a precedent in supporting students to overcome financial barriers and pursue their academic and professional goals.

(With inputs from PTI)



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