Kerala Introduces ‘Water-Bell’ Initiative in Schools to Boost Hydration



In a pioneering move to promote adequate hydration among students, Kerala schools have commenced the ‘water-bell’ system from Monday. This innovative initiative, inaugurated by the State General Education Minister V Sivankutty, is set to ring in a new era of health consciousness in the state’s education system.

Under this system, a bell will specifically ring twice during the school day – at 10:30 am and again at 2:30 pm – across all educational institutions in Kerala to remind students to drink water. This measure comes as a response to the increasing temperatures in the region, which heighten the risk of dehydration.

Minister Sivankutty highlighted the significance of regular water intake, noting that it’s essential even when students do not feel thirsty. He pointed out the risks associated with heat, including dehydration, which can cause discomfort and affect students’ well-being and academic performance. Furthermore, he underlined the importance of providing accessible clean drinking water for all students, particularly for those who may not bring water from home.

The General Education Department has proudly noted that Kerala was the first state in India to introduce this system back in 2019, in areas that were notably affected by high temperatures. The initiative proved to be influential, with other states like Karnataka and Telangana following suit with similar programmes.


Each hydration interval, lasting five minutes, is a strategic pause in the school day, designed to ensure students maintain good hydration habits. This is part of a broader effort to combat the negative health effects associated with India’s soaring summer temperatures.


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