10 Educational Netflix Series: Must-Watch For Students & Teachers

Learning is not limited to the classroom. For a more vivid and enriching experience, these 10 Netflix Series are a must-watch for every curious being.



Netflix has been streaming movies, documentaries, and tv-series of multiple genres, attracting people from different walks of life. There are some series and documentaries which are quite fascinating for classrooms as well. They talk about multiple issues and concepts from wildlife protection to gender-based issues that can educate the young students. Here is a list of 10 such programs which are a must-watch to enhance our knowledge banks. 

1. Our Planet: Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough, is a ground-breaking and honest series on the flora and fauna. It reflects on the issues that have been intentionally or unintentionally skipped in other series under this genre. It has been filmed in more than 50 countries and covers the diversity of species from coastal areas to grasslands. 

2. Chasing Coral: Directed by Jeff Orlowski, it is a compilation of hard work done over a span of three years, with 500+ hours of underwater shoots, across 30 countries with the support of more than 500 volunteers. The movie sheds light on the depleting number of coral reefs and tries to find the underlying causes of such activity. The team’s work did not end with just this movie, they went beyond and started an impactful campaign afterwards. 

3. 13th: The movie 13th by Ava DuVernay is inspired by the 13th Amendment to the American Constitution. It is a depiction of racial inequality, unjust system and police brutality. The documentary has testimonies from different advocates and scholars on this topic and reasons for a large number of African-Americans in the prison. The message of the documentary is lucid and a must-watch. 

4. Knock Down the House: Directed by Rachel Lears, it is the life-story of four women who aspire to change the face of American Politics and enter the field in 2018 for the Congress race. This emotional and touching documentary follows their life-struggles, their effort and campaign stories.  

5. Period. End of the Sentence: This documentary film by Rayka Zehtabchi is focused upon menstruation, which ideally should be listed as one of the important issues but has been ignored for decades, especially in the Indian context. The plot of the film is set-up in rural India, where stigmas and taboos over period persist and people prefer not to discuss it. The film is about a group of women who revolt against the existing treatment to menstruation and create an impact by producing sanitary napkins at lower costs to ensure their feasibility for all. 


6. The White Helmets: The White Helmets is a British short film on the work done by a relief and rescue crew in Syria and Turkey. The film has been directed by Orlando von Einsiedel and reflects on the daily operations and struggles of the Syrian Civil Defence, also known as The White Helmets. 

7. Zion: Zion is a short film by Floyd Russ about a teenager Zion Clark who was born without legs and has lived in foster care for years. It is an inspiring story of a determined young man who wanted to make it in wrestling despite all the odds. 

8. Explained: Explained is a series by Vog Digs, where a plethora of topics have been discussed from politics to music. It aims to explore cultures, trends and anything relevant happening across the globe, with interviews and explanations by experts in the areas. It touches upon when sound becomes music or why women are paid less or the growing water crisis in the world. It is a well-research series and highly recommended for the inquisitive young minds. 

9. Abstract: Abstract by Mark Mothersbaugh is a series about the aspects of design and its existence in our daily lives. It dives into a different inspiration of designers, who changed the landscape and our perspective of seeing the world. It has talked about Tinker Hatfield’s experiences which shaped his ideas about the Air Jordan series to Es Devlin stage designs. 

10. Babies: It explores the life of infants in the first year of their life. The series is based on ground-breaking science and reflects on the statement of ‘what it means to be a human can be found in the youngest creatures.’ The series observes the emotional bonding between the parent and the child and how it affects the baby’s crawling, first words and sleep patterns. 



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