20+ Images Showing The Enthusiasm of Teachers & Students on School Reopening

Twitter is flooding with happy pictures of school reopening from all over the world. Have a look!



It’s about time we heard some good news! The education sector, suffering since March 2020, has finally begun to experience some good times recently when the schools across the globe took the decision of reopening. Educators and students missing one another, peers longing for some hearty discussions in the staff rooms, kids desperately waiting to play together in the open grounds, all this is now coming to reality once again.

Many schools in India and abroad have opened their gates to both teachers and students, expecting some level of normalcy amidst the pandemic. Twitter, right now, is flooded with reopening images from across continents, showing happy children queuing up for school bus and teachers eagerly waiting to welcome them inside the buildings that were shut for over eight months now.

Check out these pictures oozing happiness and hope, revealing the new normal.

Doraha Public School in Ludhiana, Punjab is now open for students of classes 9 to 12 with all safety precautions. The temperature of the students and teachers is being checked with thermal guns at the entrance and the classes are being conducted in two shifts to ensure social distancing. According to the principal, this reopening must help the senior students clear their educational doubts from the teachers in-person.


“The government has taken into account all aspects of COVID-19 precautions in the SOP issued for opening the school. From November 2, classes for 10th and 12th standards will start, but the students will be allowed to enter the schools only after written permission from parents,” Arvind Pandey, Education Minister, stated.

Though not deemed mandatory by the government, some schools in Uttarakhand are preparing to open starting November 2. For example, teachers in Pauri are getting tested for COVID-19 to ensure the safety of their students. For further precautions, students will be taught on the school premises but no homework will be given and revision work would continue through the online medium. Moreover, the fumigation/sanitization of classrooms has also started.

Check out this picture from Oregon-situated Oceanlake Elementary School. The sitting stretches can be seen marked on the floor for these little kindergarteners. Governor Kate Brown said, “Returning to in-person instruction safely is key to ensuring Oregon’s students are receiving a high-quality education that prepares them for lifelong success.”

In other cases, before finally commencing the physical classrooms, some schools are making sure the parents feel reassured that their wards will be safe on the premises. For this, the administration is conducting virtual parent-meetings to explain to them their plans for the reopening.

We love how this co-ed preschool in Philadelphia celebrated their first day’s school assembly in a whimsical and fun way. Right from a huge mascot to that ice-cream van for kids, everything looks well-organised and safe.


Here’s a big board that a school put in the parking lot as a gesture of welcoming their staff and students.

Take a look at the kinds of precautions schools around the world are taking. From taping the benches to allotting separate table-chair to each student and covering each desk with a transparent plastic wall, these measures for practising social-distancing look kickass.

Here are the images from the Bauchi State, Nigeria. You can see the teachers conducting a surveillance exercise for the safe re-opening of schools and providing sanitizers and checking the temperature with a temp-gun.

There are also hundreds of tweets showing gratitude to the teachers who’re working very hard by conducting a physical classroom as well as taking online sessions for remote students who aren’t yet ready to join the school. Take Mrs. Butler’s case for example.

In the end, don’t miss this cute image of an adorable kid spotting a fun mask. Obviously, parents are enjoying sharing such images on Twitter.



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