Another Indian Teacher Bags Dedicated Teacher Awards

Annamma Lucy wins the regional category of Dedicated Teacher Awards for creating an online learning platform



Annamma Lucy is an Indian origin school teacher in the UAE. She teaches social studies subject to grade 7-8 at GEMS Our Own English High School in Sharjah. She is one of the 6 regional winners of the regional category of the World Prize, Cambridge University Press’ 2021 Dedicated Teacher Awards, for the Middle East and East region North Africa.

With an experience of over two decades in teaching, Lucy has been determined to do more than teaching a subject to her students. This is why when presented with a difficult situation like the pandemic she created a free virtual ‘Learning Journey’ program for students. 

For her online learning portal, Lucy invited experts and colleagues from many fields to mentor the students. The children were taught art, coding, augmented reality videos, public speaking and soft skills. Children of other schools who learned about this platform and were interested to join were given the privilege. 

Apart from creating a virtual learning space Lucy financially helps disadvantaged students in Africa. She told The Gulf News, “When a friend of mine informed me of the plight of the students in Tanzania, I found out that they did not have chairs to sit on in class nor food to eat, I pledged to support it financially and I do it every month. I instil values ​​in my eager learners to give a helping hand to the less fortunate, to make them smile.”


Having lost her parents at a very young age Lucy was brought up and taught by Good Shepherd nuns in India. According to her, as a teacher, she tries to provide the same love and care to her students as she received from her teachers. 

A big congratulation to Annamma Lucy from ScooNews, educators like her, are the crowned jewels of the education community!


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