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Insanely rising temperature have left many scorching this season. While we at ScooNews did try to make it easy for the poors of Jaipur, the team had an idea to help the traffic police too, who definitely go traffic phewlice each season.

After the immense success of JoyPour, the ever-enthusiastic Team ScooNews, in a collaboration with Bisleri, today, 10 June, came forward with Bisleri water and Glucon-D packs for the traffic police wallhas.

The team woke up early to reach Yaadgar, control room for the Jaipur traffic police, at as early as 7am. Quite ‘oxymoronically,’ we reached in our AC cars and speeding two-wheelers to make at least one day easy for those who spend their entire days under the sun.

DCP traffic, Haidar Ali Zaidi, introduced the cops to team ScooNews, followed by a few encouraging words by the CEO ScooNews, Ravi Santlani, who mentioned how the traffic police works tirelessly even in the blistering heat of 45-50 degrees. After the speech, the police-wallahs were  handed Bisleri water bottles along with packs of Glucon-D.


While Zaidi and Santlani talked to their teams, the volunteers from ScooNews and the traffic police couldn’t contain their excitement and started mingling with each other. Traffic police appreciated the efforts of the volunteering team, even as Jaspreet Kaur, ScooNews , couldn’t help exclaim, “Yaar, aise events to baar baar karne chahiye.” The team then moved towards Manak Chowk police station, close to Hawa Mahal, where not only the police-wallahs but also the common men, like rickshaw-pullers, cycle-reiders, workers at the metro station, etc, were given Bisleri bottles and Glucon-D packs.

Can’t yet say if the this social initiative by ScooNews in association by Bisleri was not only a big hit, but it had definitely made the beneficiaries smile. And this is what social work should help with, bringing smiles all-around, eh!


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