Attention Schools! Get Ready For a Tech-Enabled Competition by Khan Academy. 

This Khan Academy Competition is the way to win exciting prizes and learn skills at the same time, live from 1 Oct to 24 Dec




LearnStorm is Khan Academy’s free, global program that gives teachers a fun way to help students gain skills, foster growth mindsets, and build the spirit of teamwork. It is a collaborative, tech-enabled storm of learning that the whole class can get involved in regardless of their level! 

Running successfully in the US and other countries since 2015, it launched in India in 2018 and is heading into the third edition. It's filled with learning & excitement and lots of rewards and recognition for participants.

LearnStorm 2020 Program Design

  1. Open to all students from classes 3-12. 
  2. School administrators/teachers have to nominate classes that will participate in this challenge. There is no restriction on the number of classes that can participate.
  3. Classes can participate in ANY OF THE multiple subjects except for Official SAT Practice available on Khan Academy.
  4. Nominated classes will compete with each other on completing assignments CONTRIBUTORY TO THEIR LEARNING GOALS over 3 months.
  5. Progress of classes in the competition OF THE ASSIGNMENTS PICKED BY THEIR TEACHER IN LINE WITH THEIR LEARNING GOALS can be tracked through the LearnStorm tracker on the teacher dashboard.

The competition is live from Oct 1 to Dec 24, 2020!

As students progress through LearnStorm, they earn limited-edition digital badges to collect and display on their Khan Academy virtual profiles. First 1000 classrooms (minimum 10 students in a class) who enrol will win digital vouchers! 10 schools will be selected as Keep Going, Keep Growing Award winners and 1 school will be their Grand Winner! 




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