Bengaluru Teachers Take Up Tasks To Send Happy Messages To Students

Read how educators are doing a miraculous work in these dark times to keep their students engaged and sane



A teacher's job is well beyond teaching, and this is being proved during these uncertain times. With everything that is happening in the wake of COVID-19, educators around the world are looking for new and innovative ways to keep in touch with their students, boost their will and help them endure these times as well as study well to keep up their academic drive. A similar story has emerged from Bengaluru, India. 

While the faculties are assigning tasks through social media platforms to help students stay engaged, the school administrations in the city are constantly coming up with interesting ideas to keep things balanced.

For example, some schools have asked their teachers to WhatsApp a sentence or two to their students on a word given to them every day by the management. 

“I have been given a word and asked to write a paragraph in the students’ context. I finished my task this morning and sent it back to the school, the same will be sent to the students.” said a senior teacher with the National Public School (NPS) in Rajajinagar, Bengaluru.


“In these times of crises, we must tell our students how much we miss them. This is what we did, sent loving messages from our teachers,” says a school representative.

Hannah White, a Grade 1 Teacher of Canadian International school shares how the hardest part of remote learning is that the student and teachers are not together. They wish their students to know that even though they are not physically present with them, the students are still very much loved and everything they do is for the children

Rekha Sachdej, principal, elementary school, Canadian Public School, said not being able to physically meet and communicate has been a challenge. “We strive to continue to find various ways to still work as a team and have that connection during such times,” she said. “Much like our students, we are navigating new territories and learning new things.”

More is less in this situation, we can not appreciate the efforts our educators worldwide are taking in order to create a sense of normalcy among the children. They know how keeping calm themselves is as important as keeping the students sane and developing.




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