Book ‘Play With Your Food’ Can Help With Fussy-Preschool-Eaters

Pre-primary/primary school teachers, this book is a boon to you and the parents of your beloved students.



Attention all you early childhood educators who are trying hard to make your students eat veggies and nutritious food regardless of their picky eating habits! 

Sarah Appleman, a Pediatric occupational therapist, has come up with a book to help teachers and parents with fussy eaters at school and home. About the book, Sarah says, “I always tell them (parents) that my son was the same way.”

This book talks about changing the reprimanding into interactiveness regarding one's eating habits. Instead of telling children to eat something they do not know anything about, she suggests showing them what they are supposed to eat and why.

The book also includes recipes that are easy to make which can be suggested to parents, so that the child develops a better eating habit while observing and participating in the making process. These ways are good for both virtual schooling and when schools reopen, teachers and parents could use the ideas talked about in the book. There are also activities like Scavenger Hunt which encourages children to find a nutritious piece of food at the end of it. 


The book basically speaks about making children familiar with the food items, which due to texture/smell or any other reason, they deny to eat.

Sarah, being the mother to a child with Sensory Processing Disorders, is speaking from her personal and professional experience in the book. 

Her book is already very popular, so far she's got feedback from numerous parents who are grateful to finally see their kids being excited about food. 

You can know more about this book on its website Also, it's available on Amazon.



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