Canadian professor shows the ropes of mathematics to the students of Ivy World School Jalandhar

The senior students of Ivy World School Jalandhar had an eye-opening session with Professor J.P. Pretty, faculty of mathematics at the University Of Waterloo. He emphasised on ways to find simple solutions to complex problems.



Ivy World School, Jalandhar, recently organized a Mathematics Workshop for senior students at the K.K Auditorium. The workshop was conducted by Professor J.P. Pretty, a professor at the University Of Waterloo, Faculty of Mathematics.

It is a well known fact that many students have a natural aversion to mathematics due to a variety of reasons. The workshop was a great primer for senior students to look at Mathematics in a different light. This was especially so because Professor Pretty is a computer expert and a mathematics enthusiast who takes great pleasure in helping young minds unravel the mystery of calculations with easy to follow techniques.

He gave a hands-on demonstration of different simple to use techniques that can help young minds to crack complex problems and come up with simple solutions. His basic aim was to promote a solutions mindset in children and encourage them not to get bogged down when faced with problems.

The workshop was an enjoyable session for the students as they interacted with the professor and tried to follow his lead to find simpler solutions. The workshop ended on a hopeful note and cheers from the students who volubly echoed the enthusiasm of the professor.

The Principal, Mrs. S. Chauhan promised many more such sessions and encouraged the students to pick up better techniques for a lifetime of interested learning.



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