CBSE & IBM Collaborated AI Curriculum Based Capacity Building Programme For Teachers

Another attempt by the Central Board of Secondary Education to promote teacher Capacity Building Programme



CBSE in collaboration with IBM is organising Capacity Building Programme for educators teaching Artificial Intelligence lessons to grade twelve. Several three-day duration webinars have been assembled beginning from 2 June 2021. Schools are to nominate their teachers who shall be attending the webinars via the registration link.

  1. The training session shall be based on the grade 12 Artificial Intelligence subject curriculum.
  2. These programmes are exempt from any fee.
  3. The training agenda and invitation links of the webinars shall be sent directly to the teachers on the email id provided during the registration.


Batch 1– 2 June- 4 June 2021 (10am – 1pm)

Batch 2– 14 June – 16 June 2021 (10am – 1pm)

Batch 3– 28 June – 30 June 2021 (10am – 1pm)


Batch 4– 5 July – 7 July 2021 (10am – 1pm)

Batch 5– 12 July – 14 July 2021 (10am – 1pm)

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