Education Minister Tweets About The Letter Sent To All States/UTs

Education Secretaries to compile data of identified ‘out of school’ children of all States/UTs



A letter was issued on 8 June 2021 by the Education Ministry to Education Secretaries of all the States/UTs. The letter lay emphasis on developing an online module for compiling out-of-school children's data by each State/UT. 

Samagra Siksha’s one of the key components is bringing back ‘out of school’ children to school, this is also mandated in the Right to Education Act and NEP 2020. Under the RTE Act, it is mandatory for an appropriate government to see to the admission, attendance and completion of elementary school by every child.

It informs about the ways in which children of age 6-14 can be reinstated in their age-appropriate grades by bridging their learning gaps. To accomplish this, financial provisions have been made to arrange Special Training. For children of age 16-18 years and belonging to Socially and Economically Disadvantaged Groups, financial assistance has been made available to continue their education through Open/Distance Learning mode. 

The Department of School Education & Literacy, Ministry of Education, has developed an online module to effectively assist in the path to bringing back out of school children to school. From each State/UTs, the data of all the identified out of school children need to be compiled along with the mapping of Special Training Centers on the PRABANDH portal. Guidelines for the Block Resource Centers and District Magistrate have been provided along with the directive to fulfil the assignment.


The Education Minister also posted on his official Twitter account pointing out the existing priority of the government towards every child of the country.






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