Exams again? Stressed again? Worry no more!

Exams translate into stress for students, parents and teachers. But, students bear the brunt as parents and teachers burden them with the pressure of performing well. How can students fight this stress? Here’s how



As students of classes 10 and 12 inch closer to Board exams, stress levels rise again. Exams are almost within touching distance now, they will continue for another fortnight for class 10, while class 12 students struggle it out for almost a month. However, the time spent stressing over them start New Year onwards, and it gradually gets on the nerve as CBSE announces date schedules for the two classes. Other than stressing out the students, parents go through the same ordeal as well.

Is there a way to combat this pressure to perform? A way out of anxiety? Maintain a high level of concentration? Keep interest in studies? Stay awake? Deal with expectations?

Yes, there is help for all these, and it’s not too far away. Here are some solutions for you:

1. When you sleep, sleep well: The first thing that stress leads to is lack of sleep. Without proper mental and physical rest, there’s a lack of concentration and memory starts to fade.


2. Start doing yoga: Though it is a traditional way to combat mental pressure, but is highly effective. Meditation can be another way to eliminate stress.

3. Stay focused: Once you start with your daily studies, don’t give-in to any postponement and excuses.

4. Plan: Your entire day should be planned well in advance and you need to make sure that you follow it. While you plan, make sure not to miss out on time to relax. Take breaks to listen to music, walk, mingle with friends, cook or you can even dance for 15-30 minutes.

5. Eat: To keep any illness, tiredness, fatigue at bay, eating light and homemade food will keep your energy-level high.

6. Discussions: It becomes highly important to discuss your studies, but you need to remain focused on your plans even if your classmates seem to have studied more than you.


It’s not just during preparations when stress levels are high, the day of exam is all the more stressful. Staying calm on the day of your paper is equally important, though the brain is highly overloaded with the fear of not performing well. Here’s something to fight this:

1. Relax: Stop studying, now is the time to stay calm and concentrate on your exam, you will not gain anything by studying more now.

2. Deep breaths: Before you enter the exam hall, take three deep breaths. In case, you feel tensed as you write a paper, take three deep breaths again. It calms down the mind and you can stay focused.

Well, we can list out a number of solutions, but at the end, everything depends upon how much a person can grasp and we hope that when the day of the exam arrives, you have studied for the right subject.



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