Finally a joint meeting on ironing out issues on commercialisation in education

After consequent clashes between parents and schools on fee hikes across the nation. Only Chandigarh seems to want to sit down and talk it out. The Chandigarh Parents Association has called a meeting with all schools.



With spontaneous fiery conflicts between parents and schools being in the news across the nation for all the wrong reasons, finally there is a semblance of sanity in the most well planned city of India. It is well known that the last few months has seen clashes between parents and schools over alleged arbitrary fee hikes and demand for charges for other activities leading to intervention by the Delhi Government and calling for audits of school balance sheets.

However, while many may celebrate the Delhi government’s intervention it is intervention on some level and in this age of decentralisation it is somehow not desirable. So when last week the Chandigarh Parents Association invited all schools to hold a meeting and draft a policy to check commercialization of education it seemed the only sane and logical solution to the problem.

"Our differences with schools arise on managerial front whereby we as parents feel that the quality education that the institute offers is becoming unaffordable by us. We would like a policy to be framed by authorities to curb profiteering yet provide autonomy to run institutions efficiently," said Nitin Goyal, president, Chandigarh Parents Association, in a communication sent to schools.

"We were recently invited by UT education secretary Saravjit Singh where he invited us to partner his department in framing a just and equitable policy. We strongly feel that school management are the other biggest stake holder in this process and hence we would like to invite you to join us on a common platform to help put together suggestions which are mutually acceptable and legally valid to the administration to draft a policy that would govern schools in Chandigarh," mentioned the letter sent to school heads.


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