First Grade Teachers Send Bikes to The Students

Byck Elementary School teachers collect ‘Bags of Hope’ for students



During the lockdown, many teachers are going above and beyond to express their love for the students. 

One such teacher is Brittney Gee of Byck Elementary School, Louisville, who collected an assortment of items to make a goodie bag for each student who was probably getting bored in the lockdown. She also got them bikes so the kids could get some exercise during the summer break. She added helmets, food article and summer toys along with some necessities for outdoor fun for her students. She is calling it the “Bags of Hope."

Parents are not forgotten, they are to receive gift/care packages as well, their gift bag saying “thank you for teaching our students” during the virtual learning over the past several weeks.

Whey asked if this would help the students, she said, “They can get out, get some exercise, snacks, toilet paper, sanitizer soap…you name it. We tried to get them whatever they needed and some fun stuff for the summer.” Brittney told WAVE3 News.

There is a foundation called The Rajon Rondo Foundation and some community members who helped with the sponsoring of the gift bags. 



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