From Shambles to Zenith: Deng Adut Thanks Education

What brought him miseries was a lack of education in his family. What brought him out of it was the right education. He pushed himself through it. He struggled through it. He fought back. He stayed positive. And he ultimately became what he is!



What we here talk about is something that is very directly related to us. All we do here is share a video … one from Sudan. It is an advertisement done by Western Sydney University, talking about Deng Adut, an established lawyer by profession.

Deng Thiak Adut is a lawyer today. But where he started from isn’t where everyone would like to. Nor can everyone emerge a winner from where he had started off.

He spent his childhood, missing his family as he was taken away by Sudan’s People Liberation Army where he was made a child soldier, forced to learn firearms, forced to fight. A child soldier, who was tortured and shot at by the Army, then managed to get him smuggled to Kenya and then was accepted into Australia. He started a new life there thanks to an Australian family and United Nations.

He struggled hard, at an age to 13, to learn English, ye he did. He took various courses to help himself, and later enrolled himself at Western Sydney University for a Bachelor of Laws. As he graduated, he became the first in his entire family lineage to be a graduate! And what he is thankful to today is the rightful education as soon as he was accepted by the UN and the Australian family.


Watch the video here:



Well, what happens in Sudan is not exactly what happens in India, but here’s something that can help many of us educated and literate people inspire many other uneducated and illiterate people. Such inspirations are must for them who have not yet realized where education can take us up to.




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