Gurgaon kids score top three ranks worldwide in Math Olympiad

Students from Gurgaon excel in the International Math Olympiad conducted by SOF, securing top three ranks internationally.



Living in such a competitive world, it has become imperative that we rise above the masses if we are to be at all recognized as unique individuals. Thus, one way is to set ourselves apart from the usual academics and participate in things co-curricular.

Olympiads are one way one can truly test their talents as well as their understanding of things. The Science Olympiad Foundation has been conducting olympiads over various subjects since two decades and have been successful in bringing out some of the brightest children in front of the world.

One such child is Arnav Garg of Class IV from the Suncity School in Gurgaon, who has bagged the first rank worldwide in the International Math Olympiad. Showing immense interest in Math, he has made both his parents as well as his mentors at school proud. Alongside him, the second and the third position have been achieved by children of Gurgaon, namely, Ashmit Sangwan of Class V from the Maurya School and Rangoli Gupta of Class XI from the Shri Ram School respectively.

These Olympiads help recognize talents in the fields of science, math, social studies and other subjects while instilling a feeling of competitiveness as well as national belonging that is very important in the world that has become.

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