Instruction Module to discourage students from cheating

CBSE issues Instructional Module discourages students from cheating



The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) will be issuing an ‘instruction module’ to all schools to discourage students from cheating. The module was being worked on for quite some time and it has reached its final form. A senior Board official said “Cheating is an individual malpractice. This year we are doing something special to bring down the instances of cheating. We will be issuing a module to the schools by next week. It talks about why cheating is unethical and immoral. It will have case studies to that effect,”

The number of cases of cheating during CBSE exams doubled in 2017 from the previous year, rising from 56 in 2016 to 119 in 2017. It was said that the number is around a similar figure in 2018 as well. The module is being introduced after question papers of Mathematics and Economics for Class 10 and 12 respectively were leaked to the students before the exams in 2018 and the fiasco resulted in re-conducting of the Economics paper for Class 12 students.

The official also assured of leak-proof exams this year. “I cannot reveal the security mechanism we have brought in. But we have put in place a system which will help us identify any malpractice if it takes place. The system has been strengthened at all levels,” He added.

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