Jaipur School shows that cinema can be a powerful tool for learning.

Life skills and their reaffirmations were shown to students through short videos. The students learnt the technicalities of how visual references, capture one’s interests enhance creativity and facilitate skills.



Schools are increasingly introducing innovative ways to teach in classrooms considering today’s preference for multi-media and relatively shorter attention span. The most tried and tested of methodologies is to team up education with entertainment as it signals that learning can be fun.

This methodology continues to be employed in educational institutes across the world with great success.

Keeping this in view, the Jayshree Periwal High School, Jaipur conducted a workshop for grade VI students. Through the interactive session, the students were briefed of the importance of cinema as a powerful medium of learning.

Short videos, introducing life skills and their reaffirmation, were shown to the students. The students learnt how visual references, capture one's interests enhance creativity and facilitate skills. After the instructions, the floor was opened for student interactions and finally the workshop came to an end with a vote of thanks.



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