Jingling Bells and Lots of Santas at Sanskriti… The School

Other than bells, jingles, angels, what added to the giggles were the many kiddy Santas adding on to Sanskriti’s Xmas celebrations. It was a sight to see the entire school dancing to the tunes of Jingle Bells along with the Senior Santa!



No one can escape the festive spirit. Feeling Christmasy, Sanskriti … The School celebrated Christmas yesterday with Nativity Play and carol singing competition.

The Guest of Honour was Mr. Sandra Lee, HOD English Department, Sophia College, Ajmer.

Now when you talk about Christmas celebrations, dancing and goodies to eat just can’t be avoided. Students of Sanskriti … The School, while celebrating Christmas, had it all. Food, dance, competitions, angels, elves, Santa Claus, gifts and what not!

Well, not just one, but there were more than just a few Santa Clauses … As the young Santas danced to various Christmas songs, many students among the audience grooved along with, and as came the senior Santa, not even the teachers could hold themselves from breaking into a dancing.


Carol singing competition was organized for the senior students, who along with singing had also performed on these, depicting the story behind Christmas. Judges Mr. Abhishek Sankalp and Mr. Derek Anthony had a tough time deciding the winners of the competition and ultimately it was tie between Cygnus and Orion Houses.

Enjoying the vibrant and musical day at Sanskriti … The School, Ms. Sandra Lee, seemingly highly impressed, appreciated the participating students, the audience students and teachers for their efforts to make the day a success and full of cheers. She also enriched the students with the true meaning of Christmas and the importance of bells, berries, holly, star, angels, Santa, etc., associated with Christmas.

The day ended with Ms. Lee and Lt. Col. A.K. Tyagi, the principal, wishing Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.



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