Maths fun and fundas at The Palace School

Maths says that every problem has a solution and to teach the same to the students, the Palace School, Jaipur celebrated maths week in the school campus from 15th to 19th February 2016.



Maths says that every problem has a solution and to teach the same, students of classes 3 to 8, The Palace School, Jaipur celebrated maths week from 15 to 19 February 2016. Each class had different sets of activities planned by their respective maths teachers during their regular class hours.

While class 3 had ‘lines of symmetry and fractions’, class 4 students cut down papers in circular shapes to divide it into given fractions followed by shading/colouring.

For class 5 students, the activity was much more than just learning maths. They were asked to set up market with articles, price tags, charts, etc; the principal and teachers bought a few things from the simulated market place to encourage the students.

Sudoku… the term wasn’t new for many, but participating in it as a school activity was definitely enthralling for all the students of class 6, who participated in a Sodoku puzzle competition.


Students of class 7, divided in groups of four to five, indulged in a mathematical activity based on area, perimeter and unit conversion, for which they were allotted different parts of the open areas of the school, like the basket ball court, stage, etc, to calculate perimeter of their allocation.

All that class 8 students had to do was to answer questions of maths quiz which sounds easy but definitely wasn’t.


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