Meet The Math Teacher Using Refrigerator Trays to Conduct Efficient Online Class

A math teacher in Mumbai went viral when her picture teaching with a fridge tray was uploaded on social media 



Makeshift classrooms and teaching styles have become absolutely common in these times when teachers all around the world suddenly could not physically be present at the same space as their students. From singing videos to learning with games, educators are trying everything to engage their students and make learning fun and easy for them. 

Mathematics is one of those subjects that cannot be taught by just providing notes, teachers of subjects like Math are the ones having to strive harder. One such teacher’s picture using a refrigerator’s transparent freeze tray went viral recently. Her name is Jeyaishwari R Nadar, a mathematics teacher at Gandhi Memorial English High School, Mumbai.

To make problem-solving easier for her students, Jeyaishwari found a creative and unique way by placing a transparent tray from her fridge on top of two boxes for height and placing the phone above this setting so she could work and the phone’s camera could record/stream live for her little viewers.

Jeyaishwari told ScoopWhoop, “Being a Maths teacher I felt the need of a board to teach my students so that they can see what I write while speaking. Amid the lockdown, I started looking for a transparent material in my house and that's when I thought of using the refrigerator tray.”


These teachers, even after bearing salary cuts, are putting all their efforts into teaching their students. We’re proud of such educators who are stepping their game up just as much as any other sector in the world today.


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