Money plants by Bengaluru engineers!

Engineers or farmers? Well, a smart combination of both, these four professional engineers have given a new meaning to farming. And the meaning is being much loved, with love came success kissing their feet. Engineers or farmers? GenY technical farme



India is a country of agriculture, yet it is one industry that our GenY totally ignores; after all, employing yourself fulltime in agriculture doesn’t even sound cool.

Ah! It will suddenly be the ‘it’ thing as soon you read about these three engineers from Bengaluru. High-profiled engineers, well settled with their lucrative jobs, Sriram Chitlur, Ashok Jayanthi and Srinath Setty decided agriculture was their real ‘calling,’ and thus happened a startup venture for agricultural asset management. New in the field, with their own set of fears, they called themselves Hosachiguru, Kannada for tender sprouts.

The starting kick

The trio had family-inherited farmlands, to which with their busy professional lives, they were pretty much unable to give time, and thus it were only the weekends that they spent on it. However, the limited time-period that they spent bore quite applaudable results, wooing friends and neighbours alike, eventually inviting queries for managing their farmlands so well.


This gave them the idea to start guiding people as a company, to start helping people judiciously invest in agriculture. Hemanth P, experienced in wealth management and investment soon joined them, bringing in lucrative business. Today, Hosachiguru holds a US$7 million in various areas of agriculture, specialising in horticulture, protected cultivation, nursery and timberland.

Srinath, one among the founder member, had said, “The customer gets a passive income of Rs 1.5 lakh to Rs 2 lakh annually from the crops and an appreciating underlying asset, besides the satisfaction of contributing to the environmental benefits from scientific and socially-conscious farming practices.”

Having started in the year 2014, the four of them have today made a strong team, which together chooses a land, ensuring good water and soil conditions as per the budget allotted by the investor, which is then designed and developed according to the season, manages irrigation, labourers, seeds and saplings, fertilisers, etc, for three months, post which if the client would like to, they can continue with Hosachiguru or if they choose to, just their consultation too.

The company also collaborates with the experts of industry, national or international, for regular tips and advices.

What keeps the clients glued to Hosachiguru is the way they provide complete information of each client’s farms online, all that the owner would need to do is go online on the website to find the minutest of details.


Since 2013, picking up well till 2014, Hosachiguru has been standing a firm ground now with a huge clientele behind them and yet more looking for their time. With the huge success that they have tasted in a short span of time, today none of them regrets quitting their jobs.


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