Mysuru Police Band to impart musical knowledge to students

Mysuru Police Band to take to schools to provide education in music.



Since ages we have been preys to melodies and hypnotizing tunes of music. That one thing that can grant eternal peace, in the matter of seconds is music. Known worldwide for its healing and stress releasing qualities, music has been a part of our culture since the very beginning and has been inculcated in our daily lives as a medium of meditation as well as relaxation.

With such deep roots in our traditions, shouldn't music also be a part of our co-curricular? To be talented enough to produce one's own harmonies, is a skill which is seldom sought after by everyone. So why not give children this chance as well? The Mysuru Band Police has requested the state education board to provide them with an opportunity to teach young students the art of music. Hoping to provide students with the knowledge of various instruments, they also aim to instill in them the sense of discipline as the sense of rhythm that music is affiliated with.

With many Government high schools already signing up, the Mysuru Police band aims to cover the maximum number possible out of the 232 government schools in the district. Along with the teaching of musical instrument, the art of performance will also be imparted as the band itself performs at various gracious occasions like government events, Dasara celebrations, Mysuru Palace programmes, police sporting events and to greet VVIPs etc.

These efforts are towards creating a more creative and out-of-the-book school life for children where they can enjoy the various beautiful gifts of life.


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