No access to roads yet Round Table India manages to construct a school building

Conquering insurmountable problems like lack of roads, lack of electricity, non-availability of labourers and adverse weather conditions Round Table India working with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan managed to construct a school building for the Kathirimalai tribals in a remote hamlet on Bargur hills.



Round Table Erode in collaboration with the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan scheme of the school education department has pulled off a unique feat. They have constructed a school building with 3 classrooms at Kathirimalai, a remote hamlet on Bargur hills.

It took 18 months for Round Table to construct the building since there was no access to the hamlet located on a hill. One has to walk for at least 14 km in the hill climbing boulders with walking stick. The motorable roads end at Thanda and Govindapadi hamlets from where the Round Table utilised mules and donkeys for transporting construction material through the rough jungle terrain. The odds the Round Table had to overcome included lack of electricity, non-availability of labourers and adverse weather conditions.

The school was constructed under the ‘Freedom Through Education’ project of Round Table India. The new building for the residential school was commissioned earlier this week, and handed over to Tribal Welfare Department, for the benefit of 70 children.

“Education is the bedrock of any society. It is the greatest engines of growth for this nation. Countrywide, Round Table India has constructed 5108 classrooms for 1811 schools at a cost of over Rs.150 crore benefiting over 5.62 million children. Likewise, the project undertaken for the benefit of tribal children in Kathirimalai is unique,” R.Vishnu Prabhakar, National Convenor – Business Networking and IT, Round Table India, said.


It is extremely heartening to see organisations go the extra mile to enable the true grassroot level empowerment. Education has the power to change lives and as it trickles down to the poorest of the poor it will slowly but surely bring change, more awareness about the environment and ultimately a better life.

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