Parents protest forces school to drop Karate coaching from curriculum.

Parents of St Francis School students sought the intervention of the education department after the school decided to introduce karate coaching as part of the curriculum. After the protest the school made the activity optional.



St. Francis School in Borivli, Mumbai faced the wrath of parents when it introduced Karate coaching as a part of the curriculum. A parents protest forced the school to drop the self-defence style for students of class III-VI. The coaching will now be optional.

Parents of St Francis School students had sought the intervention of the education department after it decided to introduce the coaching during 2 out of the 3 physical education periods a week. The school had asked the parents to pay ₹1,440 for the training and ₹600 for uniforms.

A letter later issued by the principal stated that the students opting for the coaching could avail the service during school hours, and others will continue with their physical education periods. The school has also announced that it will return the money collected for uniforms and will allow students to continue wearing their physical training shirts with black track pants.

Since parents had alleged that the school did not continue extra-curricular activities for more than a year, it stated in its letter that the activity will be continued for at least 3 years.


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