Physical education in Rajasthan schools gear up for a better show

To bring more value to the Physical Education (PE) sessions, many schools across Rajasthan have entered into an understanding with Imperial International Sports Academy (IISA) to introduce the PEAK program.



Long considered as a free period where students could just play around or sit in the classroom to do nothing, the Physical Education (PE) period is seeing a strong resurgence. Rajasthan is taking a strong lead in this respect with a number of schools introducing the Physical Education of All Kids as per NAPSE standard (PEAK) program.

PEAK is the brainchild of Imperial International Sports Academy (IISA), a Mumbai based sports Management Company which designs solutions for schools besides other products that help develop a positive attitude towards PE and provide a launchpad to children to develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

The PEAK program not only includes conventional sports, but games like lagori to achieve best possible results. The PEAK curriculum is flexible and can be designed keeping in mind the existing sports infrastructure of the schools across the state to ensure optimum utilization of the available resources.

Launching PEAK was actually not a part of the original plan. Originally, it was conceived that children will be coached after school hours but this was dropped as it was seen as insufficient.


The beauty of the PEAK module is that integrates completely with the Schools Curriculums, i.e. like any other academic subject there is a progression after every class thus making it an age appropriate programme. The key objective of coming up with PEAK was to make it inclusive of the school hours without hampering the study time of the students.

The PEAK programme is designed to work with 4 key aspects – The Curriculum, Coach, Equipment and Continuous monitoring.

PEAK provides handholding and support to schools in a complete package where qualified coaches and equipment as per the NASPE standards are provided. Besides providing the human touch and the infrastructure, IISC continuously monitor the implantation of the program by regularly interacting with the school management and providing additional training to coaches as and when required. A training programme of coaches for the same is currently underway in Mumbai.



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