PM Modi Praises Tamil Nadu Teacher on ‘Mann Ki Baat’

The Prime Minister, in his radio program ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ talked about Hemalata N K, a Tamil language teacher from Tamil Nadu



Prime Minister Narendra Modi was recently heard appreciating a teacher from Tamil Nadu for her innovative method of teaching her student. “I read about a teacher from Tamil Nadu. Her name is Hemalata N K, and she teaches the oldest language of the world, Tamil, at a school in Viddupuram. Even the Covid-19 pandemic could not create hurdles in her teaching. Challenges definitely were there but she found out an innovative way,” PM Modi said during his 72nd edition of the monthly radio programme ‘Mann Ki Baat,’ at the end of the year 2020.

Hemalata recorded 53 chapters with animated videos for her students. She then put the course material in a pen drive and distributed it amongst the children. The video really helped her students learn without any problem however, she was always available on a phone call to direct them or explain to them. 

Seeing the diligence of the teacher, PM Modi not only called her work ‘commendable’ but also invited her to upload her course recordings on the national education portal, DIKSHA. “All over the country during this corona time, the innovative methods that the teachers have adopted, the course material they have creatively prepared, those are invaluable in this period of online studies. I request all the teachers to definitely upload these course materials on the Diksha Portal of the Education Ministry. This will help students who are staying in far-flung areas of the country, a lot,” he said.

PM Modi has always maintained to take a personal interest in the education sector of the nation. His attempt to encourage by singling out the teachers who are from far corners of the country can only be understood as a way of motivation to all educators.



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