Punjab Govt. to Distribute 1 Lakh+ Smartphones to Grade 12 Students

Punjab CM Capt Amarinder Singh tweeted about the Punjab Govt initiative of distributing free smartphones to 12th class students



The Punjab Government rolled out the 'Punjab Smart Connect’ Scheme during which the state CM Captain Amarinder Singh initiated the distribution of smartphones. These smartphones are to be given out to 12-grade students of government schools across the state. 

The #Covid19 pandemic has taught us the important role of technology. I am happy that we have started #CaptainSmartConnect by distribution of smart phones to Government school students. Hope our students use the phones well for online education and make us all proud.

— Capt.Amarinder Singh (@capt_amarinder) August 12, 2020

The scheme is worth ₹92 crores, it is aimed to "encourage and incentivise" youth to use technology in education, career opportunities, access to skill development and employment opportunities. According to the government, a total of 1,74,015 Class 12 students of government schools will be benefitted, of which, 87,395 are boys and 86,620 are girls.

The CM brought up how people believe in election manifestos hence it is the government’s duty to fulfil them. The scheme became all the more eminent due to the COVID-19 crisis and the shutting of schools following the lockdown. The scheme plan was to distribute the smartphones in March which got delayed due to the lockdown.


Sharing a video of a class 12 student, the CM tweeted, "It is heartwarming to see that we could help students like Pallavi with #CaptainSmartConnect Scheme. Smartphones will immensely help many students like her in getting access to online education especially during #COVID19."


CM also shared a tweet praising and supporting grade 12 student Aamnjot Singh from Mohali saying, "Yesterday during the launch of #CaptainSmartConnect I had met Amanjot Singh from Mohali who told me that he wishes to be a singer one day. He sang a beautiful song urging all youngsters to be active in sports. Well done Amanjot!"




In the past months, the educational divide is more vivid in the Indian education scenario. Children from the lower-income background cannot really study at home due to the lack of internet connectivity and phone gadgets in their families. Even those who have, say, 1 smartphone have to wait for the day to end so their parents/elder siblings would return home from work, which would enable these kids to study online. In this state of uncertainty and ambiguity regarding education, a step like free smartphones for 1 lakh+ children is certainly a well-deserved thought.




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