Republic day celebrations made fun, at home

Why can’t Republic Day celebrations be fun? Here are some things that can make your day enjoyable and healthy too. Try it out with your children … right at your home!



India is a land of celebrations; we celebrate festivals and we do that crazily. Kids are excited about Holi, Diwali, Dushera, Ganesh Chaturthi … And it adds on to the excitement of grown-ups watching kids.

However, in between, what we have started to miss out on are Republic Day and Independence Day celebrations. In fact, what should have been the most important days for free and independent India, has been left only as two days of holidays from schools, with most of the children having no idea about what these days mean to us.

Here are few things that we as parents can help our children do to celebrate Republic Day, along with helping them learn more about it.

1. Exercise: You along with your children wake up an hour earlier than the regular days and exercise, go jogging or walking, preferably starting the day with some Yogasanas warm-up exercises. It will enthuse you with energy for the rest of the day.


2. Republic Day Parade: While we deny long hours of television watching to our children, for a change, let’s watch TV with our kids. Sit and watch Republic Day parade on TV being telecasted live from Rajpath, New Delhi. All Indian states come together; participants represent their states showcasing the traditions of their states. Our border security force comes forward displaying their team skills. The parade inculcates an immediate sense of patriotism. Many of us will argue this patriotism doesn’t stay for long, however, I’d suggest, it can be a beginning for our children. So let’s give them a start!

3.Eat: Eat not just the daily junk food, but for a day eat the healthy things focusing on staple Indian diet. Make it interesting … The entire family can get together to prepare the first meal of the day. It can be made yet more interesting by adding the Indian tricolors to your breakfast.

4.Books: So here’s something that can work multiple-way. Buy interesting books about Indian Republic Day, freedom fighters, Indian independence, etc., for your children. Not only will it imbue the habit of reading in them, but also teach them about India’s proud history. What can still better be done is parents reading the books with their children. This adds on to the family time together.




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