Scintillating Dance Performances at St. Xavier’s NRITYANJALI

The students of the prestigious St. Xavier’s School, Jaipur, danced representing the culture of different states of our country.



India signifies unity in diversity like no other and taking pride in the fact were the students of the prestigious St. Xavier’s School in the Pink city, who danced representing the culture of different states of our country. The dance competition “NRITYANJALI” was organized in St. Xavier’s School where students from classes 3rd to 5th danced with full exuberance, showcasing their undefiable dancing talents to the audience.

The event was flagged off by the chief guest for the evening, Sister Neelima of St. Teresa Senior Secondary School. The chief guest and the audience were welcomed by young girls swirling to the tunes of Rajasthan’s favorite Kesariya Balam.

A total of 18 dances were performed, divided into different cluster numbers, no. 1, 2, 3, and so on. The school was shining bright with decorative lights, but what caught our attention the most was the ever-so bright faces children who were decked up in different vibrant color costumes, all set to take their turns for the dance.

One after the other came the dance performances, each bringing-in with it a fresh whiff of the state they represented, each poles apart from the other yet mesmerizing enough to keep us glued to our seats. But for the love of our native state, the audience could not help grooving on the Rajasthani number. An amalgamation of various dance forms, it had girls performing Kalbeliya in black lehengas, young boys riding dummy horses and doing the Kachhi ghodi folk dance on the song Run Jhun Baje Ghughra.


Taking the audience into a different world was the next dance performance from the northeastern state of Mizoram. Tough it did seem to us, the young kids left no stone unturned in performing the bamboo dance with grace and finesse. Wearing Mizo dresses and dancing with big bamboo in hands, these kids looked adorable and stole the hearts of audiences.

As if this was not enough, came the next dance performance where the highly energetic kids danced on the high beats of the Punjabi music. These kids not only coaxed everybody to dance along but also shocked them by performing stunts in between.

Dance is one the most expressive form of performing art. And when it comes to dance forms of India, there are innumerable dance forms. From north to south, east to west, the event covered the cultures of the entire nation; must say, it was a splendid one. The performances wouldn’t have been as scintillating as they were, had they not been choreographed by the dance teacher Arpita Bhargawa with support from respective class teachers. Though all the teachers did a remarkable job in training their respective students, the winner is always one and the competition ended with declaration of the victors which were as follows-

Class 3rd
First position- 3rd C
Second position- Vineeta Yadav

Class 4th
First position- 4B
Second position- 4D


Class 5th
First position- 5D
Second position- 5C

The evening was loaded with fun and had lots to offer, as the audience enjoyed, it made the students learn a few things. No doubt, each one from the audience left with an ear-to-ear smile.


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