ScooReview: Coach Carter, A Film Based on The Beautiful Mentor-Mentee Relationship in Sports

Its time to watch a sports movie, Coach Carter, starring none other than Samuel L. Jackson



Coach Carter, directed by Thomas Carter and starring Samuel L. Jackson as Coach Carter, is an Americal film in the genre of sports teen drama. 

The film is based on the true story of Richmond High School in California and their basketball coach, Ken Carter. They made headlines in 1999 for suspension of the undefeated high-school basketball team due to poor academic results.

The story revolves around Coach Carter and his basketball team in high school. He gets hired as the coach because of being the alumni and ex-team player for the school. Though hired only to better the game of the team, he takes care of their academic scores, too, and makes them abide by a contract which obligates the players to maintain a minimum academic grade if they want to play for the team.

But Coach Carter, when learns of bad grades of the players, suspends the team from playing. He asks the performers to improve their grades as he wants them to have other options than basketball in life. Initially misunderstood and opposed by the board, Coach Carter’s intension and motives get clear to the players and they finally begin to strive hard to advance their academics to be able to play again.


Eventually, all the delinquents and rowdy students realise what their coach has been saying all along, and although they do not win the final game, they get praised by their opponents and coach for the brilliant show and team spirit.


There can be times when students reject teachers and their philosophies and not understand what they are doing and why. The moral of the movie is that teachers always think ahead for the betterment of their pupil. With this film, we learn to invest trust in our educators and develop the patience to understand their motives. Because, at the end of the day, teachers only love to see their students succeed, don’t they?



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