Slip-Sliding PE Teacher From North Carolina Goes Viral On Tik-Tok

This teacher decided to start his class’s zoom call with a shoutout of ‘Happy Friday’ and sliding on a slip-slide



Mason Pyper is a PE teacher at Raleigh middle school in North Carolina. He is one of those dedicated educators who believe that no hurdle can be big enough to stop learning. Even during the pandemic, he kept reaching out to his students virtually with interesting projects to keep their education fun and alive. 

He recently went viral on TikTok for doing a slip-slide during one of his Zoom classroom calls. When the call began he disappeared from the screen went to the top of the slip slide and yelled ‘Happy Friday’ and slid down. He wanted a new and different way to greet his students online so he started doing different acrobatics. Result? His students were amused and he had their attention instantly!

“I asked myself, what can I do, how can I still be constant in these kids’ lives even through this time. Even though they are not seeing me in person, what’s something they can relate to and really see me for who I am, not just as a teacher, but who I am as a man,” he said. This is when he joined TikTok to be closer and in contact with his students. His videos, so far, have garnered him over a whopping 530,000 followers. 

Now Mr. Pyper enjoys posting his slip-sliding, cartwheeling, smeeze challenge (skipping from side to side) and also his students’ reaction on TikTok regularly. “I feel like I have a mind where I like to think of things in different ways and use my creativity to help others, spread positivity and also share a laugh with someone or give someone the opportunity to laugh,” he told Media Hub.


PE is a very physical subject, as evident in the name. Many might believe that a PE educator cannot do much on a virtual call, and teaching children about PE online is next to impossible. But this thought did not stop Mr. Pyper from trying and keeping in touch with his beloved students. Teachers like him are the reason children learn to not give up, come what may!





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