St. Edmund’s organises “Pre-School Graduation Ceremony”

St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar, organized “Pre-School Graduation Ceremony” for students of prepclass as a mark of students going to the next class.



St. Edmund’s School, Jawahar Nagar, organized “Pre-School Graduation Ceremony” for students of prepclass. It was an exciting time for the children as they were awarded with the “pre-School Graduate” title.

A ‘Pre-School Graduation’ ceremony is a relatively new event introduced by St. Edmund’s School with a sound logic. According to the school, end of preschool is important in a child’s life as it marks a step towards their bright future so it should be marked with an event which will be as memorable as the rest of the year was.

During the ceremony, every student was awarded with a certificate and given the title of a “Pre-School Graduate”. “Every child is incredibly special to us. They have all worked very hard to learn more and more every day, they have played together learned together and made special friends whom we wish they will carry in their hearts all through their life”, the school spokesperson said.

Selected students were awarded different titles. Khusagra Mehta was awarded the Mr. Edmunds title, Miss Edmunds title was given to Waziha Shamsi, Best-in-academic award was given to Aarav Sharma, Best-in-Sports title was awarded to Arshit Shinha, all-rounder title was awarded to Jasmine Grover and 100% attendance award was given to Chitrang Ghiya. The titles were awarded to students to inspire and motivate them to work harder in the coming years.


On this occasion the school’s academic director Smt. Mina Singh congratulated every child of the preparatory class who were promoted to class I and said till now along study they were involved in sports and various other interesting activities but students start their actual study from standard I.

Singh also requested guardians to support the students with their studies so that they don’t face any difficulty as children move onto a new year.
“It doesn’t matter where you are coming from. What matters is where you are going”—Brian Tracy (Author)


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