Student of Class 12 DPS RK Puram Turns a Celebrated National Author!

At a tender age, when the max a girl worries about is her weight and looks and boyfriends, this girl has turned into an author and a celebrated one!



A writer since childhood, Alabhya Das is now a well-published author. This student of Class XII-C, Delhi Public School R.K. Puram, Delhi has brought together colorful thoughts and vivid emotions. Some wise, some funny, some sad, some cheerful, some quirky … She has put many of them in her book, All Things Wise and Wacky.

Though, she’s a first time published writer, Alabhya has already won immense support from two of the leading Indian authors, Ms. Shailaja Bajpai and Ms. Advaita Kala. While the foreword has been done by Ms. Shailaja Bajpai, who’s not just one of the most celebrated Indian authors, she’s also a media critic, along with being the current Senior Editor with The Indian Express.

Praise in this book has been authored by Ms. Advaita Kala, who is well known for her scripts behind Bollywood top-grossers like Kahaani and Anjaana-Anjaani.

This talented girl, however, sees herself as a Molecular Biologist, researching things and also giving a new perspective to Biology. She already is the President of School Biology Club.


Conferred with National BalShree title in the year 2015 for the being most creative writer of her age group, Alabhaya’s been talented here since her childhood. She has won several accolades and laurels at national and international level for her school. National BalShree makes a contestant go through the process for a year which includes selection processes at regional, state, and then finally national level. To cross these levels, a contestant has to go through a panel of literature, art and education top toughies.

Well, it’s not just writing that interests Alabhaya, but also public speaking. And to talk more about her, she is a trained Vocalist in Hindustani Classical and also well-trained in Western Choir.




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