Students Write the Future of Education

A 500 words essay to be written on the Future of Education



A competition run jointly by the Financial Times and the World Bank have invited school students around the world to write a 500 word blog by the end of this month on their vision of the future of education. The aim is to look for the best ideas to prepare children for tomorrow’s challenges, exploring the changing roles of students, teachers, technology and work.

The best contribution will be published by the FT and the World Bank, which will cover reasonable expenses for the winner to attend the Bank’s Spring Meeting in Washington in April 2019. 

The World Bank Senior Director for Education, Jaime Saavedra, said: “The schools of the future must deliver a more comprehensive and holistic education. While technology can make teachers more effective, the challenge is to ensure all students have access to quality education in every village, in every city, and in every country.” 

The Entries will be judged on inventive ideas, quality of writing and innovative solutions to improve education outcomes for the next generation. Contributions can be accompanied by videos, photos and charts.  Applicants are also encouraged to get their schools to sign up for the FT’s free schools access programme, and may draw inspiration from articles in the FT and World Bank’s Human Capital Project and its World Development Report on The Changing Nature of Work. Entries should be in English and written by students aged 16-19 years around the world.



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