Teacher Forces Himself To Smile Before Entering The Class, Gets Praised Online

Smile, you’re a teacher!



Teachers love learning as well as their learners. Recently, the efforts of a teacher from China went viral after the school camera caught him forcing a smile before entering his classroom.

The fact that he decided to keep aside his personal worries and wear a smile on his face so his students get to start the day happily is quite wholesome.

The camera footage from the school’s corridor shows him taking a few deep breaths right outside his class and practising a smile before entering and saying hello! to his students. The school is said to be located in North China’s Qinhuangdao City.


Viewers are praising this noble teacher’s efforts that go beyond the textbooks. His positive attitude shows the kind of conduct he displays and preaches to his pupils.

After knowing that this footage is being honoured around the world, he said, “I don’t expect to become popular online, I just want to be a good teacher.”

His is one of the million examples that proves no matter how tired or troubled a teacher is, he/she will never let that vibe pass on to their little learners. Respect!



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