Teacher Resorts to Selling Bananas After Losing Job, Students Help Him Get Back on Track

P.V Subbaiah, a teacher from Nellore, had no option but to sell bananas to support his family



A 43-year-old teacher from Nellore, AP, had no option but to sell bananas after losing his job at a corporate school due to the Coronavirus crisis.

Pattem Venkata Subbaiah was teaching Telugu and Sanskrit and has 15+ years of experience as an educator. When the school he was working at faced the crisis, he was asked to get 6 admissions done. On failing to do so he was laid off from his job. "In the current situation, it is not possible to get new admissions. Who will enrol their children now? They will not even allow me to enter their house because of the fear of coronavirus," Subbaiah told IANS.

Subbaiah was receiving INR 16,000/- as salary, now it is even difficult to earn 200/- per day. On top of all this, he has a medical loan to repay for the treatment of his son and himself suffering from kidney disease and diabetes, respectively.

As luck would have it, after finding about his condition, some of his former students came forward to raise about INR 87,000 in order to make his life a little easier. 


"Selling bananas is a temporary job. If so many former students from years back wanted to help me, I must have made an impact as a teacher. I want to go back to teaching eventually, even if it pays less," said Subbaiah.


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