This School in AP Selflessly Educates & Houses 300+ Students Every Year

Read about Navaneeta Public School in Andhra Pradesh that not only teaches less privileged students but also houses them for 7 years



Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world – Nelson Mandela

Every child deserves an equal chance at a better future is the belief driving the establishment and growth of the Navaneeta Public School in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.

As a CSR initiative, the Navaneeta Public School (NPS) is supported by the Krishnapatnam Port providing free of cost, safe and comfortable residential schooling to the underprivileged children of the surrounding villages. NPS welcomes students in Grade 4 and resolves to nurture them in all aspects of growth and development until they complete Grade 10.

The students walk in with nothing but the shirt on their backs, the school provides for all other requirements like clothes, food, toiletries, books and stationery of the student for the next approximately 7 years of their life.

NPS, a CBSE affiliated school, houses almost 300 students and provides the best possible facilities to its students, a lot of who are first-generation learners and will be the harbinger of literacy to their families. Overcoming challenges like electric power shortages in the area, minimal involvement and support from the parent community, poor foundation of primary education, lack of exposure and language limitations, NPS ensures that every child in its care receives uninterrupted and unconditional support and opportunity to grow, experience and achieve in life.

Along with an advanced and specialised sports curriculum ranging from Cricket, Basketball and Football to the local favourites Kabaddi, Volleyball and athletics, the Navaneeta Public School implements a progressive pedagogy which enhances a student’s clarity of concepts and focuses on the application of learning while working on strong pieces of evidence of growth and development in the teaching-learning curve.


A team of teachers and mentors with extensive experience across national and international boards dedicatedly empower students to find joy in learning and fuel the urge to be their best selves in any field they choose to pursue.

Even during the tumultuous times of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world, the NPS team has continued to reach out to the remote villages where their students are homebound but eager to continue learning. Owing to their socio-economic conditions, NPS students do not have the luxury of owning laptops or even smartphones, yet, the teaching-learning chain remains unbroken due to the sheer resolve of the NPS team of teachers and students.

The senior-most students have found ways to pass on knowledge and guidance to their juniors like a human chain often through a phone call and kept the flame of learning aglow.

The love for learning instilled in the NPS students shone the brightest in these trying times when siblings started to share knowledge and learning with each other and students started to teach their parents the English alphabet.

The Navaneeta Public School stands as a resolve to provide equal opportunities to every child irrespective of their social standing and work towards a better and more uniform future for all.



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