UK-Based School Teachers Connected With Students During a Cheerful Parade

For these teachers, the process of learning and connection is not just limited to classrooms.



Teachers from the UK’s Leeds Central School connected with their students during the lockdown with a cheerful parade in Leeds. The parade came in thought to cheer up their students and also convey how much they miss them, whom they hadn’t seen since March 13th, 2020. Teachers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, and other members came together for the parade and passed through the city in decorated vehicles to say ‘hello’ to the students.

Teachers’ cars were decorated with balloons and placards that said, “We Miss You!” As reported by SunJournal, one of the teachers, Judi Neptune said, “I miss their hugs. I want to just go hug everybody, but I can’t.” Judy is a first-grade teacher, who is retiring after this school year. “Thirty-seven years and this is how I end my year,” she added as she expressed her grief.

Another teacher from the parade, Claudeen Bergeron, shared that she is constantly in touch with her students from first and second grades through virtual classes. “The biggest news from them has been that they are losing a lot of teeth. It’s nice to see something normal happening during the pandemic. We’re still losing teeth during COVID-19,” she shared with a smile on her face.


Isn’t it heartwarming to see teachers go beyond conventional measures to connect with their students? The process of learning and connection is surely not just limited to classrooms for them.  

Source: SunJournal


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