US first lady Michelle Obama promotes Girls’ Education in Spain

Education is Power : US first lady Michelle Obama urges Spanish women to promote girls’ learning



As a part of her "Let Girls Learn" initiative, US first lady Michelle Obama arrived in Spain from Morocco on Wednesday and spoke to some 100 young women at a conference in Madrid on June 30 and called on girls and young women in Spain and other developed nations to help promote her global girls’ education initiative.

The first lady spoke of the hurdles girls face trying getting a school education in many nations. She also said she had come to Spain in the hope of inspiring women and girls here to help fight for their right of education and change their world.

She began the three-nation tour to promote the “Let Girls Learn” initiative in Liberia.

President Barack Obama and the first lady launched the project last year to address the barriers that keep more than 62 million girls around the world out of school and bring a change, making the present and future of many uneducated girls bright.


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