Vivekananda School discards seperate gates for boys and girls, continues in classrooms

Vivekananda School, Perambur asked boy and girls to enter from seperate gates, but after the parents protested, the school scraped the rule; although, seperation continues in classrooms.



On June 6, the students of  The Vivekananda School, Perambur were introduced to a peculiar rule, where  the boys were told to come in through the back gate while girls were told to come in through the front gate. Parents strongly believe that the point of sending children to a co-education is annihilated because of such 'separation'.

Thus, the parents protested against the segregation of boys and girls entering the school, resultantly, the authorities relaxed the rules and agreed to let the students enter the premises together.

However, as reported by parents, boys and girls continue to sit in separate classrooms. The administrative officer of the school denied this, claiming that students had been asked to enter the premises through separate gates only because of traffic congestion during morning and evening hours.

The Vivekananda School Parents' Association said, "If boys and girls are made to sit separately, it creates a thought among students that boys and girls can't be friends. It creates inhibitions."


Dr V S Virudhagirinathan, a clinical neuropsychologist, feels that such practices give birth to an unhealthy atmosphere among children and should be condemned. He said, "In co-education a cordial and healthy relationship and bonding is formed between the two genders. But when such rules are imposed curiosity gets in the way and unnecessary questions are formed in the mind of kids."

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