We Love The ‘Extra’ Efforts Made By These 3 Teachers To Teach Online

While mathematics goes the “Savage, Bougie” way, an old professor pre-records his classes



The following stories of educators, of all age and experience, applying different methods of teaching during the lockdown will melt your heart! Read on.

For the 73-year-old law professor, shifting to Zoom classes was the most difficult. But he didn’t want his difficulty to come in the way of his students’ education. So, what did he do next? He started to pre-record his classes in an empty classroom, where he feels comfortable the most. One of his students shared his commendable effort on Twitter and it instantly went viral. “My professor is 74 and he isn’t confident using Zoom so he’s pre-recorded the rest of our classes. Today, I watched the first one. He has a Pinocchio doll in the front row because he isn’t comfortable teaching to an empty room. I’m social distancing for this man and this man only,” he wrote.


After the Tweet went viral with over 1 million likes and got re-tweeted more than 1,90,000 times, Montana returned to the thread to correct his age to 73 and shared his professor’s reaction. “Update: He says thank you and that he is *actually* 73,” he tweeted.

Another story of a teacher taking extraordinary measure to teach will definitely bring a smile to your face. Jalen McKee-Rodriguez, a Texas-based Mathematics teacher, recreated the Savage song to teach about arc measurements in circles.


The teacher, who also calls himself a fashion enthusiast, definitely turned the *tough* mathematics into a catchy tune.

Academics and art are not the only things teachers are taking responsibility for during the school-closure. This Illinois-based orchestra teacher has been giving virtual lessons to fix broken musical instruments. Jennifer Brown-James has been using her 25 years of experience of resetting strings to teach students about the broken violin, cello and bass strings.

Inspiring and interesting, right?



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