You Cannot Miss This Home-Alone Parody by a ‘Lonely’ School Principal 

An adorable attempt by a school Principal who misses his students while in the lockdown



In the middle of all the seriousness and gloom and isolation, here is something fun and motivating. Across the globe, the school Principals are going crazy in missing their students and are coming up with hilarious and awesome ways to show the same to the kids. 

Of course, the educators are worried and are making full efforts to help children keep learning even during such difficult times. But they also believe in emotionally connecting with the kids, which is why some of them are already writing personal letters, doing entertaining dances on Tik-Tok, and making videos laying bare their emotions for their pupils.

One such Principal, who missed his school-family terribly, went back to the empty school building and made a surprisingly funny video to tell his students how much he misses them.

You surely remember the legendary movie ‘Home Alone.’ Well, Principal Andrew Orefice from Hawkswood School in Eatontown, New Jersey, decided to create a parody video of the movie for his students.  It’s called "A school comedy without the school" featuring him running amok in the empty buildings.


At the beginning of the video, Principal Orefice has a lot of fun, jumping on a mini trampoline, pumping the bathroom soap dispensers, running and dancing in the hallways, eating ice cream and a pizza all by himself. But at the end of the video, Orefice's tone grows more serious.

“It's just not the same without you guys here," he said to the camera. "I can't tell you how much I miss you all, and I can't wait to be back together with the whole Hawkswood family.

"Stay safe. I hope to see you all back here very soon. You're very missed. I can't wait to see you," he added.

Principal Orefice said he believes that at heart, administrators are on top of everything else, the motivators for everyone in a school building, both staff and students. "We have to set the tone in both the good times and the trying times," he told TODAY Parents.

"This situation is unprecedented," he said. "There is no book on my office shelf about how to lead in a pandemic. I know I have a lot of aching hearts out there, and I can't sit idly by.”


We know how difficult all of this is and how much more unsettling it is for the children specifically, so why not be a bit more motivated and hopeful just like Principal Orefice and keep smiling? Because, ultimately, this is the only factor that's going to make your pupils truly happy. 




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