Young Ryanites help save sparrows in UP

Sparrows are hardly seen around now, at least not in the hustle bustle of a city. Do we not miss them? We do, and these young kids try to build a home for them… in a hope to see them!



Most of us grew up listening to ‘chu chu karti ayi chidiya’ by Mohd Rafi, or reading short stories about the chu chu chidiya, or else listening to folk tales about how the chu chu chidiya got the black coloured spots. However, the generation now is not all that lucky, chu chu chidiya is hardly seen around anymore.

Ryan International School, Shahjahanpur, Uttra Pradesh however, decided to let the children know about sparrows, the close-to-extinction bird species.

Students of class 3 had a unique of celebrating World Sparrow Day yesterday, 9 March. Find it strange that it was celebrated almost 10 days before it actually should have been? Yeah, 20 March is the designated date, however, these students celebrated it yesterday for a reason.

In an effort to help save sparrows, the close-to-extinction bird species, the class 3 students made comfortable and safe nests for sparrows to lay eggs. These nests will be put out at suitable places in and around the school for birds to find it.

The same activity will be repeated for other classes too. Students will be taken to visit these nests without disturbing the flying lives on 20 March.


This is surely a small step by the young ones but quite enough to create awareness among the students, and others too along with.


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